Situated in the eastern hills of Granada, Campopineda was founded in Piñar in 2006. Every day, the partners put their hopes and excitement into seeing the growth of a project that champions the role of oil in our culture and the importance of eating it.

We are committed to extra virgin olive oil , and organic extra virgin olive oil as a way of understanding our roots in an area that has been involved in olive-growing and grazing since arab times

Our philosophy involves making gourmet quality oil. This idea is always in our minds as we progress, backed by our team, who give their time and effort, putting their best into bringing unique, quality-certified olive oil to your table

Our commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability and spread the olive oil culture is evident in each of the 4 differential levers on which we structure our added value:

– Caring for olive trees
Our production process
Our olive oil
A unique visitable oil mill in Andalusia.


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